The following machines/accessories are currently for sale:


  producer model year working hours                   
Vario Feuchtwerksgetriebe MV 027 694 08
 Heidelberg Vario Transmission MV 027 694 08 for  SM 74   -  - details
Spannleiste 00 580 4129 03
  Heidelberg Clamp Bar 00.580.4129.03 for CD 102  -  - details

Registermotor CPC 81 186 5151
Heidelberg Register Drive CPC 81.186.5151/01 for SM74 - - details
Transport sucker M8135590a
 KBA Transport sucker M8135590a   - -  details

Side lay curve P0880171
KBA Side lay curve P0880171 - - details

Guide Bar P7940472B for infeed Rapida 106
KBA Guide Bar P7940472B for infeed Rapida 106 - - details

Transmission L5290284
KBA Transmission L5290284 for Inking zones - - details

Druckschalter Platinen
KBA Button Circuit boards for Rapida machines - - details

Display TA53
KBA Display TA 53 for Rapida 74/105 - - details
  Atlas Copco  
Atlas Copco 2005 - details

Boge S20-2 Kompressor
Boge S20-2 Compressor 2005 26500 details

Kaeltetrockner DSX3600
Mark  DSX3600 Refrigeration dryer 2005 - details

Blas-/Saugluft Versorgung Busch MM1322AV BL
Busch 2x 1322AP SL + 2x 1322 AV BL
Blow /suction air supply
2005/2004 - details

Entelektrisiereung RA 75
Simco Anti Static bar from simco fo RA 75 new - details

Bielomatik Ölpumpe
Bielomatik Oil pump / gear pump ca. 2007 - details

Beil Plattenstanze RA142
Beil Plate punch for RA 142 - - details

Trampolin Rewinder for Washcloth for Heidelberg SM74
Trampolin Gerätebau Rewinder for Washcloth for
Heidelberg SM74
- - details

KBA MGuard system
KBA Remote maintenance with software - - details

Bosch/Doga Register adjusting motor for RA 74/105 - - details

 Heidelberg CD 74 Dryer Slide
 Heidelberg  CD 74 Dryer Slide  2007 -

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