MAN Roland 304 HOB, year 2000
Ryobi 525 HX, year 1999
Equipment relocation
KBA RA 105-5+L ALV2

- Printing Voigt
- Printing Hess & Co

- UnitedPrint

KBA RA 74-5+L, year 2001
KBA RA 105-6+L CX ALV1, year 2001
KBA RA 74-5+L, year 2005
MAN Roland 708 3B P, year 2007

- Poligrafia Janusz Nowak
- Netbox Sp.z.o.o.
- Offset-Kolor
- Interdruk Corporation Sp.z.o.o.


KBA RA 105-5+L CX PWVA ALV2, year 2000
Heidelberg SM 52-4, year 2000           

- J. Eleftheriades Offset Printers LTD
- Master Print Demetriades Bros. LTD


KBA RA 142-2 SW, year 1999               
KBA Varimat 142-6+L, year 1994 

- Rainbook Relligats
- Metalcolor S.A.


KBA RA 105-6+L CX ALV2 PWVA, year 2003

- Selecta Santiago

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